Part 1

It is my responsibility to…


In general… To be more specific…

I am mostly responsible for

most commonly used for

I desire to = I want to = I would like to

Happy = delight

I will be delighted

I will pay more effort to concentrate on

I suppose

Where do you live

Do you live in a house or a flat?

I live in a flat with two friends. The flat is located in the center of the city Duisburg. The transportation is very convenient.

What does your house or flat look like?

The house I am living in now is on the fourth floor. The living room toilet and kitchen we will use together. I have a bedroom that is about 15 square meters. My roommate has planted some flowers in the living room near the windows. Now it is spring, and it smells really lovely. And there is a big board game table in the living room. When we have the party, we will use that table together.

What kind of house or flat do you want to live in in the future?

In an independent house with a double-storey and a lovely garden in front of the balcony is always my dream house. But I know nothing about what things will be going on in the next several decades, so that it might change.

Work or Study

What kind of work do you do?

Since I’m majoring in education, I choose the job as an assistant teacher. I am responsible for assisting the teachers with some preparation and supervision before and after the class.

What do you do while working?

In general, my job is to assist the teachers. To be more specific, I am primarily responsible for supervising the students, memorizing the new words, and helping them with their homework. I also do some paperwork at times.

What technology do you use at work?

Computers are most commonly used for paperwork. Sometimes I use an iPad as a substitute. Printers are also essential and frequently used for the students’ tests and materials. Besides, I have some online seminars, so the technology of online meetings is quite helpful as well.


Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror? How often?

To be honest with you, I often look at myself in the mirror, sometimes daily…Every time I get up, while brushing my teeth and washing my face in the bathroom, I would look at the mirror to check if l look okay today so that I can confidently start a new day with an energetic appearance.

Have you ever bought mirrors?

Yes, of course. I bought a mirror with LED lights from IKEA last month for my girlfriend. My girlfriend highly recommended this mirror, and she said it was convenient while putting on her makeup. It costs me more than 20 euros, but I think it’s worth it.

Do you usually take a mirror with you?

It depends on the different situations. I don’t usually take the mirror with me when I go to work or school. It is just not that necessary. But when shopping or hanging out with my girlfriend, I would bring it in her handbag when she needed to reapply her makeup, you know, to put on the lipstick or something.

Would you use mirrors to decorate your room?

They are incredible decorations, especially when you live in a cramped space. Many interior designers use mirrors to expand the area visually, sometimes twice the bigger than it is. And many mirrors today are pretty futuristic, so it is not over your budget. Mirrors are an excellent choice. I think I will choose it to decorate my bedroom since it is really small.


Do you often remember your dreams?

Well, most of the time, I do. I remember that I became a bird flying over the sky. And to be honest, I have a habit that I would like to record my dreams by typing or writing them down.

Do you share your dreams with others?

Yes, I would like to share my dreams with my girlfriend, especially the nightmares. My girlfriend will even help me to analyze the meaning of the dream I have told her. No matter what the dream looks like, she is always willing to listen to the dream I share.

Do you want to make your dreams come true?

Well, it depends on the content of the dream. If the dream has achieved my goals like a graduation or passing the exam, I want it to come true. If it’s a nightmare, I hope it never happens

Do you think dreams have special meanings?

I think dreams are just images that I have seen during the day. But I am Chinese, and in Chinese culture, a book called Duke of Zhou explains the special meanings of dreams.


Do you like drawing?

Well, I’m pretty fond of it. Not only because drawing can enrich my spiritual life and enhance my aesthetic value, but also helps me get rid of the bustling city life by immersing in creating the painting.

Honestly, although sometimes I can not understand the meaning behind the works, especially the abstract ones, I always feel the artists’ painstaking efforts in completing the works. I will spontaneously have a sense of respect, so I often go to the gallery during my spare time.

Do you want to learn artistic things?

I would like to say yes, and sometimes I need to express my ideas not that directly and doing such things can make me use some symbols to let others know my view.

Did you learn drawing when you were a kid?

I did learn to draw during the period of childhood. My parents aspired to develop me as a generalist, so they signed up for my art class when I was a child. Learning such a class helped me enhance my imagination and also improve my aesthetic value.

Taking photos

Do you like taking photos?

Definitely yes, taking photographs is a good way to record, and we could recall our memory by looking at these photos. It has been a daily habit for me.

Do you usually take a mirror with you?

It depends on the different situations. I don’t usually take the mirror with me when I go to work or go to school. It is just not that necessary. But when shopping or hanging out with my girlfriend, I would bring it in her handbag when she needed to reapply her makeup, you know, to put on the lipstick or something.

Do you want to improve your picture taking skills?

Undoubtedly yes, I desire to get my photography skill improved whenever I see fantastic photos. I will be delighted after taking excellent photos, and I can upload satisfying pictures on social media as well.

What is your favourite family photo?

As for me, the most precious family photo was taken in front of the airport when I flew to Germany. I have left f my hometown for one year, and when I miss my family, I would like to have a look at this picture. I can feel a sense of family warmth from it.

Daily Routine

What is your daily study routine?

Well, I usually will set an everyday todo list for myself, and I would like to first try to accomplish some tasks that are not too complicated, and then I will pay more effort to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Have you ever changed your routine?

Yes, my study routine constantly changes according to what tasks I have to accomplish. And if there’s something urgent, I will allocate more time to complete that single one.

Do you think it is important to have a daily routine for your study?

Yes, I do think it’s essential. A study routine is quite effective. It can certainly help boost my productivity and help monitor the whole process of my study.

What part of your day do you like best?

Well, I prefer midnight when it is quiet. I feel I can concentrate more on what I am doing without any distractions.


Did you usually go to the cinemas when you were a kid?

No really. I was born in 2000 and lived in a small city in China. When I was a little boy, there weren’t so many movie theatres or cinemas. If I want to watch a movie, I have to pay more than 50 yuan, which is a big amount for a student.

Do you usually go to the cinema with your friends?

Yes, I would like to go to the cinema with my girlfriend since we have the same movie taste. We will exchange our feelings, and we will submit the comment on our blog.

Do you still like watching movies which you liked when you were a kid?

Yes, of course. The old movies can recall the memories with my family when I was living in my hometown. I can feel a sense of warmth when I watch a movie.

Do you prefer watching movies at home or at the cinema?

It depends on what kind of movies. For some blockbusters that usually have special effects, I would like to go to the cinema since they normally have a projector to make a big screen. It can generate a better experience. But for some movies which have impressive meanings I would like to watch the movie at home since I can pause the movie at any time if I want to savour the shots of the movie.


What kinds of websites do you usually use?

Google is the most common website I use for finishing my assignments. Besides, I would like to use StackOverflow or some forums that can solve the problems I meet.

Are there any changes about the websites you usually use?

I think no. Since Google always looks like that. But I can feel the speed of searching has been improved and I can search for more results. StackOverFlow has more members now, and there are more popular technology will be discussed there.

What is your favourite website?

My favourite website is Youtube since I can learn many skills such as photography skills and solve the problems no matter from class or in my kitchen there. And I can also upload the videos. Sometimes I would like to record fantastic moments like New year’s crossing or travelling to another country.

Well, I think China is a big country and has an enormous amount of population. So people may have different preferences for websites. I want to say bilibili, a video website popular among young men. And TikTok or China daily will be popular among older people.


Do you like watching sports programs on TV?

Yes, I do like watching sports programs on TV with my family. I can not miss any game of the Olympics. The athletes seek to be higher, faster, and stronger. Their spirit deeply moves me. It can inspire me to pursue the goal.

Do you watch live sports games?

Yes, I watch live sports games. And I will post my opinion like who will win in the end on social media.

Who do you like to watch sports games with?

Well, I like to watch sports games with my family. My father is a fan of CBA. I want to accompany him to watch a fantastic basketball game.

What kinds of games do you expect to watch in the future?

I would like to watch a football game in Dortmund in the future. My dad likes the atmosphere of German football. But he could not come to Germany, so he sent me there. I am willing to help him to fulfil his wish.


Do you often send emails?

Yes, I often send emails since I work in a big international company, and we will need to send emails to be more formal.

When would you send emails to others?

As I mentioned above, I would like to send emails to others when I think the stuff or campaign is so important that we need to save the record.

Definitely not. My friends and I only use emails to receive some verification codes. And the company always use email to send promotions or other advertisements.

I think sending emails will not be popular in the future of the development of instant communication apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, and iMessage. We can quickly contact other people without filling receiver or some information again and again. But it will not disappear since it performs very officially.

Street market

What do people usually buy on the street market?

In my country, people usually buy some fresh vegetables and fruits. My mom would like to buy some snacks for me.

Do you prefer to go shopping in the shopping mall or on the street market?

I would like to go shopping in the street market since I can buy goods cheaply to save money on daily expenses. I just want to spend money on electronic devices.

When was the last time you went to a street market?

I think it should be a Christmas market since Germany does not have many streets market. At least in my city Duisburg I do not find any other street market except the Christmas market. So I went there last December.

Are there many street markets in China?

Yes, there are many street markets in China. The most common things they sell are vegetables and fruits. But my favourite is some homemade food because these foods are often the calling card of a city.

lost and found

What will you do if you find something lost by others?

First, I would like to check if there is some contact information on the item. If it has a phone number or home address, I would like to call the number or send a letter to the home address. If not, I will hand the item over to the police station or found office.

Have you ever lost things?

Yes, I lost a smartphone on the bus. I remember that I went to school that afternoon. And I want to swipe my bus card at the ticket machine. So I put my phone in my handbag. And then I went to sleep. Since my bag only had textbooks, I did not notice that my handbag got a big hole. I presume the phone scratched away from the hole. Until now I have not found that phone.

Do you report to the police when finding something lost by others? Why?

Yes, I would like to report since I believe I can trust that police officer. They have a much stronger search capability to find the owner.

Will you post on social media if you lose your item?

Yes, I will. I think maybe any other guy from my contact list may know the clue of the lost stuff. My classmate found her phone by sending a post on WeChat.

Time management

How do you plan your time in a day?

Honestly, it depends on the situation. I would like to let the time fly if I am on vacation. Since I just want to think about nothing at that time. But if I am working or in one semester, I would like to set an everyday-todo list. I will accomplish easy tasks at first and then pay more attention to hard assignments.

Is it easy to manage time for you?

I would like to say no since it is really hard to estimate how easy things are. So I just do not know which stuff I need to deal with at first. I need to reorganize the time or rewrite the todo list again and again.

When do you find it hard to allocate time?

I have to say when I started my university life. I found it hard to allocate time. Before I got into university, what I needed to do was just write homework and memorize words or formulas. But after graduating from high school, I need to face some challenges in life by myself, like paying the tuition fees and renting a room.

Do you like being busy?

Not. I want to be idle in my daily life since if I am busy, I just feel I am not myself. I live a life for others. If I have free time, I would like to do something interesting like DIY some smart devices. But if other pieces of stuff occupy my spare time, I would like to be very anxious.

Mobile phone

What was your first mobile phone?

My first phone is Nokia 5233, which is a phone with a touch screen. It could use WeChat and connect to the internet by using wifi. I liked to play some exciting games on that device.

Will you buy a new one in the future?

Yes definitely. Nowadays, the smartphone will run slowly after one or two years. So you must buy the newest phone or if you want to use a phone which can not send any message to others.

How has your mobile phone changed your life?

Well, I would like to say I will spend much more time on mobile phones than five years ago since there are many exciting apps like TikTok, which includes many weird short videos. But I like to give the video 15 seconds to show how strange they are.


Did you enjoy travelling by car when you were a kid?

Yes, I enjoyed the time in the car since I felt that I got a private world in this crowded street when I travelled in the city.

What types of cars do you like?

Definitely The BMW mini since my girlfriend like that cute car. It usually shows a classical style which catches my girlfriend’s heart.

Do you prefer to be a driver or a passenger?

I prefer to be a driver since I just like the feeling of holding the steering wheel in my hand. Fast movement makes me very exciting.

What do you usually do when there is a traffic jam?

First I would like to have a call with my girlfriend. If she is busy, I will listen to music or a podcast.

TV program

What kinds of TV programs do you often watch?

Recently I think I often watch the Korean tv series because I usually watch tv with my girlfriend. She always holds the remote controller. And she likes their plot, and I have to say I grew to love this kind of program.

Do you think kids are watching too much television?

It depends on the tv programs. If they watch some documentary programs, I have to say they should watch more because this program can spread their horizon. A kid should know the world has many amazing scenes except his bedroom.

What are the impacts of watching TV programs on children?

Children will imitate the behaviour on TV programs. They would like to learn how to treat people according to the TV series plot. Undoubtedly, Bad TV shows will make children’s characters bad.

What kinds of TV programs do you think should be broadcast more?

Documentaries, especially historical documentaries. We can gain a lot of knowledge and experience from them. Documentary usually gives us some ideas or values on how to face international affairs like wars or economic policies.


Why do some people have good memory while others just do not?

I guess it depends on the architecture of the brain. Some guys have perfect genes or DNA so they can recall events that occurred many years ago. But it has been said that everyone can use a method to help remember important things.

Why do more people rely on cellphones to memorize things?

Because cell phones can help people to organize the things they meet. Things after the summary will be easy to memorize. And the second important point is that cell phones will never forget if you have written things on.

Are you good at memorizing things?

It depends on the importance of things. If things are about my life or future, such as a bachelor thesis meeting summary or appointment time with a dentist, I would like to say I will never forget.

Have you ever forgotten something that was important?

To be honest, I have not forgotten anything important. The most important thing I forgot was I forgot to pick my packet up, which included a wireless controller from the DHL station.


Do you like buying shoes?

No. I do not like buying shoes. Every year I think I will buy two pairs of shoes at most. One for sports and another one for travelling or taking photos.

Have you ever bought shoes online?

Yes, I have bought a pair of limited shoes from, which is Adidas and Star Wars co-branded models. It is very comfortable to run in the city.

Hou much money do you usually spend on shoes?

I guess I will not spend over 150 euros to buy a pair of shoes except it has special meanings such as it is a gift to my girlfriend.

Which do you prefer, fashinable shoes or comfortable shoes?

Definitely comfortable shoes. Since I need to exercise more to build a better body shape, a pair of comfortable shoes is essential.


Do you use headphones?

Yes it has been an important part of my daily life. Since I want to listen to music on bus and I do not want to bother other people.

What type of headphones do you use?

Wireless headphones. Nowadays the developing technology makes the wireless headphones very light, so they are less restrictive than traditional wired headphones. The only thing that bothers me is I need to charge it on time.

When would you use headphones?

I would like to use headphones when I take the bus or subway. I use headphones during all waiting processes in public places. And another scenery is travelling, and I like to walk with music so I will choose to listen to music when I visit a museum or walk along the bank.

In what conditions, you will not use headphones?

I will not use headphones when I stay at home, I prefer to use speaker in my room. Using the headphones with long time always makes my ears tired.


Do you like science?

Yes I think we must know some basic principles of how the world works. Science will tell me the answer of that question.

When did you start to learn about science?

I guess when I was 5 years old. My parents bought me a scentific book. That book described a lot of sceneary I had never met for example lunar eclipse. So I wanted to find how that scene form.

Which science subject is interesting to you?

Computer Science. Since in computer science everything can be described by just two number 1 and 0. It is really interesting that we can rebuild a world in that little box.

What kinds of interesting things have you done with science?

I have deployed a home server by myself which can backup data automatically. For example if I travel around and take a lot of pictures, once I come back home, the pictures in my phones will be uploaded


Do you like handwriting?

Yes, for me, nothing can imitate the feeling of using a pen and paper to write down my thoughts, and it is only through this process that I can freely put forth my ideas. That is why I don’t take the computer-based IELTS exam.

Do you think handwriting is important?

Yes, I think it is quite essential. Handwriting can be known as an art form, and it can also perform your personality. You can tell a lot about a person from his or her script.

Which do you prefer, handwriting or typing?

I prefer typing. Since typing is efficient and convenient, sometimes you have a sudden inspiration and want to record it. Still, there is not always a place to write. Phones or tablets can help a lot.

What are the differences between handwriting and typing?

The most significant difference would be that typing on a computer, or some portable device is faster than handwriting. I can type more words in a shorter limit of time. Handwriting will show one’s personality, which can not be achieved by typing.


Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?

Yes, I have to admit the truth that I can not stay focused on anything over half an hour. So I will use Pomodoro Technique, which works for 25 mins and drink coffee for 5 mins. This method can improve my working efficiency.

What do you do to help you concentrate?

As I have mentioned above, I will use the Pomodoro technique. When I almost can not concentrate, it is time to have a break. I want to close my eyes and breath deeply in that five minutes. Then I can concentrate more on facing to next period.

What may distract you when you are tyring to stay focused?

I think the notification from my smartphone can distract me, which are most commonly not essential information such as one star got married or some promotion emails.

When do you need to be focused?

When I want to learn a new skill like the grammar of a foreign language. Another situation is I need to prepare for a final exam. I need to review my notes I have wrote.

Pet and animals

What is your favorite animal? Why?

I am a cat person. Because I think cats are independent. It is a pity that I do not have a cat now, but whenever I go to a friend’s home, I will definitely pet it if they have a cat.

I think the most popular animal is the panda, which is unique to China. Pandas are very cute. There is a website called iPanda that broadcasts the daily life of pandas every day. There are a lot of views and followers.

Where do you prefer to keep your pet, indoors or outdoors?

I prefer to keep my pet at home since there are potential dangers outside, such as unclean food or rat poison in the corner. I hope my pets can live a clean and comfortable life at home, which is definitely in my room.

Have you ever had a pet before?

No, not at all. I used to live with my parents, and they do not like to live with a pet, so I did not have the opportunity to have a pet until now.

Public gardens and parks

Would you like to play in a public garden or park?

I would like to play in a park since the park has a lot of amusement facilities. I have loved swinging since I was a kid. My girlfriend is the same. So if we have spare time, maybe we will choose to go to a park to kill time.

What do you like to do when visiting a park?

I would like to do some simple cardio such as running with my girlfriend. Sometimes I will take some photos to record the passing time.

How have parks changed today compared to the time when you were a child?

Now the park has complete infrastructure, such as public toilets and rest benches. And most parks will fully consider people’s needs and set up convenience stores to facilitate people to buy drinks.

Would you prefer to play in a personal garden or a public garden?

I would like to say a personal garden. Since a private garden usually only treats a group of people such as my friends and me, we can be more free and have fewer limits.

Getting lost

Have you ever lost way?

Yes. Once I travelled by bicycle, and at that time, the navigator on the mobile phone was not smart enough. That led to I could not finding my way home.

How can you find your way when you are lost?

Nowadays, I tend to use the navigator on my phone, especially when I travel to another country where people speak another language I cannot understand. I have to admit that Google map is very accurate now.

Can you read a map when you get lost?

It depends on the situation. If I am in a city and someone gives me a map, I can recognize the way by telling the building around me. But if I am in a forest, I am afraid I can not read a map.

Have you ever helped someone who got lost?

Yes, I have helped one student who lost my university in China. He had taken his packet and walked around his apartment twice. He was very grateful to me when I led him to his apartment.


Do you like the weather in your hometown?

I would like to say I do not like it that much. Cause it is really hot in summer, the only thing that I can do on summer days is stay at home, which is so boring.

Do you prefer dry or wet weather?

I prefer dry weather. Since I do not have a dryer at home, that means my clothes can not be dry quickly. And dry weather can make me drink more water. I think that is a healthy lifestyle.

What’s the weather like in your hometown.

The weather in my hometown is very extreme. It will show boiling in the summer, especially in July and August, and January and December are also cold.

What kind of weather do you like most?

I like rainy since the sound of rain makes me relaxed. I want to study or do meditation on rainy days. And after raining the air will be fresh. I like to run in that atmosphere.


What apps have you recently used?

YouTube is the app that I use most frequently to gain the latest technology news. There are so many YouTubers that share their devices or feelings about them.

What was the first app you used?

I think the first app I have used is Fruit Ninja, which is a tablet game. It will throw any different fruits on the screen. We need to cut them on a continuous line.

What kinds of apps are you usually interested in?

I will be definitely interested in coding apps. I would like to write a program to use portable devices to control something like my bulbs, curtains or robots. I think that is an excellent thing.

What kinds of apps would you like to use in future?

I think I will try some learning apps that can help me memorize some words in a foreign language. And I will keep pushing the navigator apps since I like travelling, and I do not want to lose myself in another country.


What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is blue, which indicates the sky or ocean. Since I think the sky is the symbol of freedom and the ocean is the symbol of profound. I want to be a person like that.

What’s colour you dislike? Why?

To be honest, I do not like Pink since Pink gives me a cheap feeling that will bring me a bad mood.

What colours do your friends like most?

I guess they like black most since every time we go shopping together they would like to buy black devices or pieces of stuff like black jackets or black smartphones.

What colour makes you uncomfortable in your room?

Jungle green always left me with an uncomfortable feeling, which would spoil the beauty of the room.

Spending time with others

Do you like talking with people?

Yes, I enjoy talking with people, and I like to exchange stories no matter with friends or strangers.

How do you like spending time with your friends?

I would like to play computer online games with them. We prefer to choose some strategy games like civilization six, and time always flies quickly with thinking about the strategy.

Would you prefer to study alone or with others?

I would like to study alone since I always feel anxious if I hear the sound like pen tips crossing the paper or keyboard typing.

Do you remember a time when you need to cooperate with others?

Yes, I remember that our professor had submitted a project that needs be completed in a group. I acted as a product manager. And I had thought out a lot of good ideas. With the help of other members, we finally finished developing the app and submitting it on moodle.

Part 2

Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about

You should say:

Who he or she is

When you met him or her

Why you want to know more about him or her

And explain

Descirbe a person who contributes to the society

You should say

Who this person is

Jack Ma who is a remarkable business leader. He is the founder of Alibaba group. The AliExpress is the service, which has covered the whole world and bring the goods from China to the whole world.

How you knew him or her

I knew him when I was college. I remember that I was reading a book, which told the story of business man. I knew how he established Alibaba and how he changed the Chinese society. I started to use Alipay maybe six years ago and that time I was in China and I found that a smartphone could be seen as a wallet no matter you were in Hotel or on street.

What type of work he or she does

He was the CEO of Alibaba group few years ago. And now he is the biggest shareholder of Alibaba group. When he started to establish TaoBao about thirty years ago, only a handful of people knew e-commerce. But today Taobao has become a household name in China. Most people would like to choose online shopping to buy some good quality but low price stuffs. And he also pushed alipay to go abroad. You can find that rossman or dm. These two shops has supported alipay now. Chinese visitors can easily buy and pay by alipay.

And explain why you think he or she contributes to the society?

Since Jack Ma has created over ten millions of jobs across China and brought opporitunities to small businesses all around the world. So I think it has made a contribution to our country’s economic development.

Describe a person who you follow on social media

You should say:

Who he/she is

I would like to share the person that I have followed for about 5 years. He is called Jay Chou who is a singer from China. He created a new brand of Chinese pop music.

How you knew him or her

I have known him since my friends recommended his songs to me one day. Compared to other songs, his music has a unique style. It is a piece of pop music, but it is mixed with the traditional Chinese element and classical music. And he has also appeared in several films, and they are mainly about music. There is no doubt that Jay Chou is the most popular singer in China.

What he or she posts on social media

He is more likely to post his daily life on social media. Recently he has travelled to French and posted a family photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. And if he publishes a new album or single, he will be the first to announce it on Instagram.

And explain why you follow him or her on social media.

So I want to listen to his songs in the first place, so I followed her five years ago. But unfortunately, since I have followed him, he has released two singles and no albums. So I give him comments from time to time so that maybe he sees it he will start to create songs then.

Describe someone you really like to spend time with

Who this person is

Definitely, I want to spend time with my girlfriend.

How you knew him or her

We are classmates in university. I liked to answer the questions from the professor in class, so she has noticed me from that time. And once, the professor assigned an accompanying test. I have no idea about a few problems, but I found that she can solve all issues swiftly. I was amazed at her intelligence. In the end, she got the highest score in our class. I think I knew her from that test.

What you usually do together

We usually go to the library together to finish our homework or with other university staff. If we go home, we will cook traditional Chinese meals together and watch movies or some k-dramas when we have lunch. If we have spare time, we would like to play switch games together, and we will layout our gardens in a game called animal crossing.

And explain why you like to spend time with him or her?

I like to spend time with her since she has a nice smell and an appealing personality. She always supports me no matter how crazy my ideas are. We have a very good understanding. For example, if I want to cook a meal, she would like to help me shop and maybe cut the vegetables into pieces no needs to discuss in advance.


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